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20 places that don’t look real (part 2)

11.Mount Roraima-South america

12.Naico mine-Mexico

13.Red beach-China

14.Solar du Uyuni-Bolivia

15.Tainzi mountians-China

16.Tulip fields-Netherlands

17.Tunnel of love-Ukraine

18.Wisteria flower tunnel-Japan

19.Zhangye Danxia landform-China

20.Zhangya Danxia Landfrom 2-China

i want to live my life in these places

(Source: phenex-sirius)


Still life photographer Marcel Christ’s website it filled to the brim with super creative work. 

We’re especially digging his Big Bang II series, which features a series of underwater explosions. 

Top Notch Still Life Photos by Marcel Christ

via 2photo

Yokohama Cherry Blossoms in Bloom - Imgur

Yokohama Cherry Blossoms in Bloom - Imgur

National Geographic Best Photos in 2013 - Imgur

National Geographic Best Photos in 2013 - Imgur

Aerial view of the Namib Desert - Imgur

Aerial view of the Namib Desert - Imgur